How to stay motivated to work

How to stay motivated to work hard

How to stay motivated to work hard so you can achieve your goals?

Have you ever watched one of those motivational videos and felt like you were about to conquer the world!

The power that was coming out of you was so big that you are about to blow up, nothing could stop your dreams at that time.

You feel like there is absolutely nothing in this entire world that you cannot achieve.

It’s a great feeling right! And that’s the problem it’s a feeling, a state of emotions which comes and goes and does not really change anything except that make you feel good for some time because we both perfectly know that the next morning you wake up and feel like your life sucks, family problems, financial problems and every other problem that you have will make you feel horrible or let’s say not very motivated like those videos.

I remember myself watching this movie about Steve Jobs and I felt like I’m only one step away from my dreams.

It makes you believe in yourself and your abilities and in that dream and your mind but it’s not going to take you far because those great emotions don’t last long.

So if you depend on your emotions to push you forward, you can expect a certain failure because those emotions aren’t going to last long.

How do people stay motivated all the time? take Elon Mask himself for example or any other great entrepreneur who managed to stay motivated throughout their life even after failing many times they still have found the courage and the motivation to keep moving forward.

External motivation

Let’s first understand how motivation works in the first place there is internal motivation and external motivation.

External motivation is when you want to do something because there’s a specific reward out there.

You wake up in the morning and go to your job because you are going to get your reward at the end of the month which is your paycheck.

You study hard in college because you will be rewarded with good grades that’s how we’re usually motivated probably 99% of the cases.

The only problem with that is that the motivation disappears The Moment the reward is no longer out there because that was the driving force behind your motivation.

If you’re no longer paid in your job then you will certainly leave that job.

If you’re offered a better reward in another job you probably will move on even if that’s not exactly what you enjoy doing.

Internal motivation

Now to explain how to stay motivated to work you need to know what is the internal motivation?

You are doing something not because you will get something out of it but because you believe that’s the right thing to do.

When you help the poor for example or the weak people or simply pray you aren’t getting anything out of it except the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment that you did the right thing and that sort of motivation last longer because it’s not very much affected by the external events take an example of parents.

Parents usually do everything in their abilities to provide everything to their child although that they are not getting anything in return except when they grow up and that’s not even guaranteed.

Even if the child does something that parents don’t really like they don’t stop taking care of him because they are internally motivated to do that.

Conclusion and my answer on how to stay motivated to work:

In order to stay motivated your motivation should come from within you.

A cause perhaps that you believe in something that you think should be done regardless and if you pay attention you would realize everyone who has achieved great things have been motivated internally in one way or another.

So, first of all, you should figure out the source of your motivation, what drives you and keep you going then follow these tips to maintain a high level of motivation:

Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Control

Take control of what you can, and don’t worry about what you can’t.                

So if you often find yourself paralyzed with the “what ifs” (as in, “What if I write this and no one reads it,” “What if I don’t get accepted into the program,” etc.) let it go and just focus on turning out quality work.

Make a schedule

Now that you have your goal, you should make a schedule on how to get to it.

Make a long term schedule where you devise your goal into phases and give each phase a specific time period to achieve.

Then make a short term schedule (daily or weekly) where you devise those phases into tasks with specific dates to achieve them.

This is my opinion on how to stay motivated to work. I would like to know what you think about it in the comments below.

how to stay motivated to work

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