make money by typing names

How to make money online by typing names (make $300 fast)

Today, I’ll explain how to make money online by typing names and creating business or product names for other businesses.

This method is great for someone who’s looking to make some money to start his online business or just make some extra money online.

In this post, I’ll explain how much money can you make? what’s SquadHelp?  how it works? and I’ll give you a couple of tips and secrets to help you make more money by typing names and increase your success rate.

What’s SquadHelp?

SquadHelp is a crowdsourcing platform that helps companies name or create logos for their business or new products.

And most importantly, it works worldwide and it’s free to join which means anyone in the world can join this website. many companies use SquadHelp to find creative names and logos for their new businesses and products.

You can join the website as a business owner where you can post contests to get names for your business or as a freelancer and find creative names for other businesses.

How it works and how to make money by typing names?

The way it works is very simple, all you have to do is sign up, it’s free and worldwide so anyone can join.

Then, a business owner posts a contest to find a name for his business or product. next, you enter the contest, read the description of it, and give the name that you come up with.

During the contest, contest holders will rate your ideas and give you feedback.

Now, it’s up to the business owner to choose the name he likes and if the name you provided is chosen you get the prize of the contest.


Your access to the website is limited at first, you only get access to 2 contests that the website gives you, but once you start getting some likes you’ll full access to all the contests (they usually have more than 500 contests)

I’ll provide you with some tips and tricks to help you get full access to the website and increase your chance of winning.

How much money can you make online by typing names?

Now, I have to say that you’re not guaranteed to make any money on this website because you have to win a contest in order to get paid.

With that being said, this method is legit and contest prizes are from $100 to $300 and you get paid via PayPal.

If you’re considering using this website and make some money online by typing names I advise you to enter as many contests as you can to increase your chance of winning some.

Tips and tricks

  1. Enter only the contests that are guaranteed to give the prize, select from the list of contests the ones that are mentioning that the prize is guaranteed to be given because you don’t want to enter a contest and work hard to come with a name then the business owner cancels it, so you only enter contests that are guaranteed to give the prize
  2. Enter as many contests as you can in order to increase your chance of winning but don’t rush it and give every contest the time it needs and come up with a name that you’re satisfied with
  3. Always read the contest description and pay attention to what the business owner wants or needs
  4. Use BNG or just search “business name generator “in Google and use some business name generators to get some ideas and names.
  5. Use some keywords or ideas that you find in the contest description in your research on the business name generators.


You can make money online by typing names by joining Squadhelp and creating names for new businesses or products.

In order to make money, you have to enter a contest and create a business or a product name and win. You’re not guaranteed to make any money unless you win a contest and contest prizes are from $100 to $300.

Enter as many contests as you can without rushing things, pay attention to the contest description and use a business name generator to help you get some ideas.

Thanks for your time

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