make money by listening to music

How to make money online by listening to music?

How do you make money online simply by listening to music? In this post, I’ll show a method where you can make some extra money by listening to and reviewing music.

How much money can you make from this method?

The income that you would expect from this method is similar to the income that you make from survey sites so you’ll be making pocket money from this method.

If you’re really consistent and make good reviews you can make up to $15 to $30 per day from this website once you reach 4 or 5 stars (they rate reviewers by stars and the amount you get paid with is based on the number of stars that you have).

I like this method because it’s fun you’ll make some money while listening to music instead of doing boring surveys all day.

How to make money listening to music?

This website is, This is the website where I made my first dollar online.

So basically all you do is just review other people’s music and you will get paid for it. Musicians will upload their music to this website and you listen to it and then you get paid for just simply your opinions.

You just tell them what you like and what you don’t like about the music and just give it a rating out of 10 and you will get paid anywhere between $0.10 to $1 per review.

The amount that you get is related to the number of stars you have. So the more you review the more stars you’ll get and the higher the stars that you have the more you will get paid for each review.

If you do this consistently every single day you will get up to 4 stars and then you will get paid at least $0.50 to $1 per song that you review.

How to review?

Just go to and create an account, it’s pretty simple. Then click on ‘Review’ and choose music, sometimes you can also review fashion designs and mobile apps but usually, there’s always music to review.

make money online by listening to music

Next, you’ll have a page where you can listen to music and write your review at the same time. So you’ll find a grey bar under your review that you have to fill it entirely (while you’re writing you’ll notice that the grey bar is filled with the color orange).

Then, give a rating from 0 to 10, answer whether you would add it to your playlist or not, and hit submit and that’s it, you’ll get paid after you submit your review.

make money online by listening to music

Note: you have to listen to at least 90 seconds of the song before you submit a review.

Tips and Recommendations

Tell them what you like and don’t like, where you would listen to this music or even if you would listen to this music again, and tell them what you like about.

The only thing you shouldn’t be doing is don’t copy and paste every single review, don’t just use the same words over and over again, you will get banned for that, you have to give a unique review for every song.

Personally, I use this template to make money listening to music

Tell them whether you like the start of the music or not and what you like/dislike about it.

Mention whether you like the base, or the drums, or the vocals.

Tell them if you would listen to this music and if you would where would you listen to it, would you listen to it in your car, when you’re on a train or when you’re at the gym.

And tell them how would this impact you, would it motivate you? Would it make you feel inspired?

Now, you just keep doing that over and over again and eventually, you will start hitting your first $10 per day to $20 per day all the way up to $30 per day.

This website’s really great and it’s a perfect way to get started and make some money while listening to music.

If your goal is financial freedom and you don’t want to invest your own money you can start with this website (it’ll be hard at first but once you reach 4 to 5 stars you start to make up to $30 a day that’s $1,000 per month).

I recommend that you reinvest the money you make into any kind of business that you want to start in order to achieve financial freedom.

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make money online by listening to music

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