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Get it done is a blog where I will teach you the different methods that you can apply to make money online and achieve financial freedom the same way I did, and the right mindset to have to reach your goal.

You will find in this blog multiple methods to make money online whether your goal is to just find a part-time job to increase your income and improve your financial status or to start a passive income you’ll find my posts very helpful.

Everything I write about is from my own experience, I would never place my self as an expert in something that I didn’t master (and fail multiple times in the way to mastering it).

About Me

my name is Ramzi, I’m 26 years old and I’m a new blogger.
since I was 16 I hated the idea of working an 8 to 5 job. I wanted to work a couple of hours per day and on my own terms but I didn’t have the right mindset for it.
I thought achieving financial freedom an easy thing to do.
So I first tried PPC websites, make money mobile apps and paid surveys websites where I failed miserably.
Then I tried freelancing, I worked as a virtual assistant, data entry and a translator where I learned that making money online is not easy and I have to take it seriously.
After a while, I realized that freelancing isn’t scalable. I have to work to get paid, so I started looking for methods to generate passive income.
So I started affiliate marketing where I failed multiple times before I saw some success.
Now I have multiple income streams and I’m looking forward to starting my next one which is this blog.
My goal from this blog is to help you start making money online by teaching you the methods of doing so and give you the right mindset to have (stay motivated, be productive,…etc) and create another passive income for myself.
Hope you enjoy the blog.

What To Expect From The Blog

  • I post once or twice per week.
  • My posts are straight to the point, so I won’t tell you the story of my life before I give you the actual information you’re looking for.
  • Content about productivity, money management and how to make money online.

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