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23 Legit Jobs For Lazy People

In this post, I’ll talk about 23 legit Jobs for lazy people, some of them are side-hustle ideas where you make extra cash and some you can work full time.

easy jobs are low-stress jobs that don’t require a degree or a high-skill which makes them perfect to use as a side hustle during your free time and if you want to you can make some of the jobs in this list as your full-time job.

1. Hotel tester

If you like traveling and staying at luxurious hotels then you’ll like this job. You can work as a hotel tester, all you have to do is test hotel rooms and scan them with X-ray vision and write a detailed report.

Average rate: $120 per day.

2. Get paid to stand in line for other people

If you don’t have a problem with waiting in long lines there are people who are willing to pay you to wait in line for them.

People who work all day or just don’t want to wait in long lines are willing to pay you to wait in line in their place.

Perhaps it’s the lunch of the new iPhone, a new blockbuster movie, or a big concert where the line is hours long you can find some people who are willing to pay you to wait in line for them.

3. Video game tester

If you like video games this is a great choice for you. You can stay at home and work as a video game tester and enjoy video games before they’re even released.

This is a great job for lazy people and here are some sites that would pay you to test games

MyPoints, PanelBucks, MySoapBox, CashCrate, or PointClub.

Average rate: $14 per hour (the more experience you have the more your rate will increase)

4. Become a librarian

Most libraries open early which means that you have to get up early but once you’re at work you’ll do very minimal work and you’ll spend most your day just sitting on a chair or Arranging books plus the salary is decent which makes this one of the best jobs for lazy people.

5. Watch TV and Videos

Everyone watches TV and Videos so why don’t you do it and make some money off it. Now, don’t expect to make a lot of money out of this method, if you’re consistent with it you can make a couple of hundred dollars per month.

6. Work as a movie or commercial extra

Working as a movie extra is pretty easy and you don’t need to have any acting skills or background because all you’ll be doing is just standing in the background.

So if you’re interested in this option just find movies that are being filmed in your area and apply for them.

7. Opening and reading Emails

You can open and read emails from your home, it’s a very easy and straightforward job so no matter how lazy you are you do this job.

For the pay rate, you either get paid by hours or by the amount of work that you do, it depends on the employer.

Some sites that would pay you to open and read emails

InboxDollars, FusionCash, InboxPays, GrabPoints, or TimeBucks.

8. Make money from your phone

This is one of the easiest jobs for lazy people. There are multiple apps that will pay you to share your data, to walk to stores and scan code bars, watch videos, or earn cashback while shopping.

All you have to do is just Google “money-making apps” and you’ll get an unlimited number of apps that will make you money.

9. Be a Housesitter

Can you imagine getting paid for sleeping or just taking care of other people’s houses? Well if a family is going on a long vacation they may hire a housesitter to watch their house for them.

This can include multiple tasks like feeding their pet, watering the plants, or picking up the mail and depending on the number of clients you have this might turn up to be a great income for you.

You can find jobs on sites like

10. Share your opinion

Do you know about opinion poll sites, survey sites, and group interview sites? These are websites that collect data and they will pay you to fulfill surveys and participate in studies.

This is a really great option for lazy people because taking surveys and participating in studies is really easy and there are a lot of websites that will pay you for that, I’ll mention some of them

SurveyJunkie, SurveyVoices, or SurveyRewardz.

11. Dog walker of a pet sitter

If you like pets then this is perfect for you because you’ll have fun while getting paid. All you have to do is walk dogs or be a pet sitter. This job doesn’t require any degree and if you like you can make it your full-time job.

Here are some sites where you can work as a dog walker or a pet sitter

Rover, PetSitters, SitterCity, or PetSit.

12. Freelancing jobs for lazy people

You can work as a freelancer, keep in mind that there are some freelancing jobs for lazy people like proofreading, data entry, and transcription.

You don’t need any degree to do these jobs and they are really easy. you can find jobs on these sites

Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.

13. Make money shopping

Shopping is a part of our daily routine which makes it one of the perfect jobs for lazy people. There’s a lot of apps that will pay to shop online, walk into stores and scan barcodes, scan and submit your shopping receipts, etc.

Sites and apps that will pay you for shopping

Ebates, Shopkick, Paribus, or Shop Tracker.

14. Driving

Driving is very simple and easy. So if you’re lazy you might consider this option.

You can work as a driver using apps like Uber or Lyft.

Or deliver food for Doordash or any other delivering service.

Also, you can deliver groceries or packages for Shipt or Amazon

15. Become a sales agent or an affiliate marketer

You can make money by selling other companies’ product. Most companies will pay you a commission for every product that you sell for them or every client that you bring.

I made a blog post explaining an extremely easy method to do this by only using your phone so if you’re interested you should read it How to start affiliate marketing without any skills.

16. Language tutoring

The reason I consider this a job for lazy people is that all you have to do is teach your native language to other people and the advantage is that you can make decent money with this job, you can expect to make $9 per hour or make a course teaching your language and publish it on SkillShare or Udemy.

Also, there’s a lot of websites that will pay you to teach your language just search for them in Google.

17. Become a Mystery Shopper

This is a great job for lazy people because all you have to do is to pretend to be shopping and give your feedback afterward (tell about the quality of the service, is it easy to find products, etc.).

There are a lot of websites that will pay you to become a secret shopper like:

IntelliShop, BestMark,, or MarketForce.

18. Become a focus study participant

Focus studies are the kind of studies that focus on a specific audience like a study on twins. The advantage of this side hustle is the pay is good.

19. Professional Cuddler

Are you a caring person who doesn’t mind cuddling medically ill people who need some genuine care and love? If yes then this job is perfect for you

There a lot of websites where you can work as a Professional Cuddler like: Snuggle Buddies, Cuddle Comfort, Cuddlist and you can expect to get paid around $40 to $80 per hour which make this one of the best jobs for lazy people.

20. Language Translator

Most of us know more than one language so why don’t use that as your side hustle. There are always companies online that are looking to translate documents from a language to another language, so you’ll always find translating jobs

And here are some of the best places where you can work as a language translator

Translators Café, Upwork, Fiverr, Language Line Solutions.

21. Become a review writer

By becoming a review writer all you have to do is review products and give your honest review which makes it one of the easiest jobs for lazy people.

Now, I have to say that at the start you won’t get paid much but as you build a good profile as a professional review writer you’ll be making some decent money.

You can find review jobs on multiple sites like:

SliceThePie (I made a blog post about this website called How to make money online by listening to music?).

22. Become a Photographer

Photography isn’t very complicated and in today’s technology you don’t need expensive equipment to start it plus you’ll be making passive income because all you have to do is take photos and sell them on a website, you can sell the same photo multiple times which makes this one of the best jobs for lazy people.

If you’re interested in this option I recommend you to sell your photos on DepositPhotos or ShutterStock.

23. Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be relatively difficult and it’ll take you a lot of work at the beginning so I recommend you to read my blog post about How to make money from YouTube without making videos.

Once you start getting views and making some money from the channel you can outsource all the work and enjoy making money passively, that’s why I consider this one of the best jobs for lazy people.

Thanks for your time

This was my approach to 23 Legit jobs for lazy people. I hope you liked it and if you did then I recommend you to join my newsletter I post about money management and how to make money online.

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